• Worldox®

    Worldox® is the most affordable comprehensive and sensible document management on the market today.

    With robust integral security which can be integrated with Active Directory, Worldox® offers control over every form of information which can be saved as a file.

    Everything from word processing documents, to pdfs to email to wav files and beyond, virtually all file types, can be controlled, organized, indexed and searched.  Integration with other systems provides ease of use.

  • Tabs3 & PracticeMaster

    Tabs3®and PracticeMaster® with their fully integrated products Account Payable, Trust Accounting and General Ledger provides law firms with a single point of entry for ‘front office’ and ‘back office’ functions.

    A firm seeking to simplify the entry point for staff, minimize the errors caused by maintaining multiple databases for practice management functions, billing functions and accounting functions will find Tabs3®and PracticeMaster® meets their full set of needs. Add on products are available for task based billing.

  • Sage Timeslips®

    Sage Timeslips® provides law firms and others wishing to track time and bill time by client and/or project with a simple yet robust interface.

    Because licensing is based on number of computers not the number of timekeepers, this product offers an economical solution to billing for a firm which bills for the services of many outside contractors and/or has a varying number of timekeepers. The variations allowed for billing arrangements, from contingency to fixed and flat fee to hourly, cover most common engagement arrangements.

    Robust internal reporting as well as linking through ODBC to Microsoft ®Access or Crystal® Reports give management analysis tools to maintain profitability.

  • QuickBooks®

    QuickBooks is the most widely used small business accounting package. Available with preloaded features for professionals, contracting and other industries, it can be used as installed or customized to provide streamlined entry and access.

    Preferred by CPA’s for their clients, this widely used solution allows you to transfer a file to your accountant for review and entry adjustments and return of the file with adjustments intact, minimizing errors from year end entry.

    Many legal billing products such as Tabs3®, Sage Timeslips® and Billing Matters® provide a link to allow transfer of cash receipts and billing information from their products to QuickBooks®.

  • Billing Matters

    Billing Matters®, the fully integrated billing product for Time Matters™ is the best soultion for users of Time Matters® looking for a seamless way to capture time and bill in one application.

    A billing record can be created from any event, document, to-do or other record with minimal key strokes. Billing flexibility by matter and the ease of consolidated matter billing for a single client are but a few of the features of Billing Matters™ as an integrated part of Time Matters®.

Saturday, June 25, 2016
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Product Spotlight

Time Matters

Time Matters®, its new integrated options, Billing Matters™ and Billing Matters Plus Accounting™, is the leading business and practice management software. Contact us to learn more.

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